• Image of How to create and write newsletters that get read! ORANGE, November 7

My love of newsletters runs deep - I think they are a powerful way to connect with your community/audience and share relevant and useful information with them while telling them about how your product/service/thing and why you do what you do. I am also of the belief that putting all your content eggs in the one social media basket that you don’t own or control is crazy!

In short - newsletters are an increasingly powerful way to communicate with your customers/audience and the best part - once you have your ducks in a row (I’ll help) and are all set up with a nice template, they are not hard to do.

In this half-day workshop we will cover everything from how to set up or optimise your mailing list and delivery systems to how to create a content plan that will keep you on track and ensure you are always sending the most relevant, useful information possible. We’ll talk about crafting great headlines, image use, and how to grow your mailing list through opt-ins and other cool strategies. And once the work is done, we can de-brief a bit over a glass of bubbles and a nice little chatter platter.

Who should come?
Anyone using or wanting to use newsletters as part of their marketing strategy
Anyone who wants to have a one-to-one conversation with their audience
Anyone who wants to establish themselves as a person to know/like and trust in their field.

Venue - The Old Convent, Borenore
Time - 2-5pm (then we’ll have a glass of bubbles and a quick de-brief)
Date - Thursday 7 November
Cost - $125 (includes 3hr workshop, coffee and afternoon tea on arrival and a glass of bubbles and cheese and bickies for those who fancy sticking around for a little aperitif afterwards)

Here are some reasons why you need a newsletter!
- Having your own newsletter is an invaluable chance to build up your storytelling skills which are super valuable in themselves.
- In this world of algorithms and increasingly ‘pay to play’ social media platforms, having a direct line of contact (aka a newsletter) to people who want to hear from you has never been more important.
- And finally, and most importantly! This is powerful marketing activity that - if you put the time in, you can completely do yourself. This is building long term relationships with your customers that will lay a super strong foundation for your business’s future. So my question is...Can you afford not to spend an hour or so a week to do this?