• Image of September Instagram Camp #1

Join me and a small group of like-minded small business owners to meet up for three one-hour workshop sessions over a month - and lets get our Instagram accounts firing with regular, valuable content that your community will love and act upon.

We start out with a 1.5 hour Zoom ‘seminar’ to lay the groundwork; aka how to create and share good content (this will be recorded so you can watch/re-watch at your convenience).

Then we kick off our small group sessions; four weekly 45 minute workshops to work through our content plans, tidy up our IG feeds and bios, work through the right video options for you (reels/IGTV/Stories?) and share ideas and strategies for growing and engaging our communities.

COST $250
What you get;
- Access to a 1.5hr recorded Zoom seminar where I go through the below. You can listen along/join in live with me on the day and/or watch the recorded replay at your convenience.
- Workbook to accompany this session, including ‘homework’ (optional of course but super helpful I think) to bring to our small group workshops.
- 4 x 45 minute ‘round table’ workshops with me and five other like-minded participants. This is where I think the really good stuff will happen. Plus it will keep us accountable and who knows who you’ll connect with and go on to collaborate with!
- Access to a Content Camp Facebook group to continue conversations, get feedback from each other and keep connecting.
1.5 hour Zoom seminar (plus 1 hour question time).
If you can’t join in live, access to the replay will be emailed out to watch or listen to at your convenience.

- Who are you/what are you here to say/who are you saying it to/what problems can you solve for them.
- How to grow your community through really good content.
- How to plan your content
- How to create the words and the pictures
- A series of Instagram prompts to help get us of and running (we will workshop these in the small group sessions).

STEP 2 - Small group sessions
Every Wednesday morning in September - you join one of four small groups (maximum six people including you) where we ‘do the work’ together.

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