• Image of Instagram profile set up and content plan

What do I get for my $200?

We get together for a 1 hour meeting (in person if possible or skype or FaceTime) and exchange a few emails and;

A. I will help you develop a clear description of who exactly your ideal customer is and what specific problems you solve for him or her.

B. Then, we will write your all important Instagram profile bio. This is basically your elevator pitch and speaks directly to your ideal customer telling them who you are, what you are making/selling/offering/doing, why you do it and why it’s important for your person/people.

C. Next, we’ll audit and clean up your Instagram home page, get your profile photo/link/bio/stories highlights icons and first pics looking as good as they can

D. And finally, I’ll work with you to come up with a 6-week content plan for sharing engaging, valuable content that WILL grow your business.

So. In a nutshell you get - an ideal customer avatar, a personalised, 6-week content plan, an audit and clean up of your IG page including a ‘who/what/why’ statement that instantly tells the world who you are, what you do and why.