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I want to hold your hand mentoring -  $500

If you are feeling at all lacking in confidence or inspiration when it comes to social media, blogs and newsletters then, as the Beatles said - I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND.I would love to help you grow/build the skills and confidence to tell your story, share your expertise, take better photos and get your online presence sorted. Because as you know, social media and newsletters are SUPER POWERFUL tools for us small business owners and if we use them properly we can build amazing communities of advocates around our products or services. So. Let’s get your Instagram looking as good as it can. And hey, lets also get you going with a newsletter (mine is by far the most powerful marketing tool I could ask for and aside from my time and what I pay to Mailchimp to send it for me, it’s basically free to produce).

Ok, so for this package here's what you get;

- 2 x 1hr (ish..they usually run a bit over!) meetings/one on one workshops (in person if you are local to Orange or Skype otherwise!).
- Personalised recommendations, topic lists and a cheat sheet of resources, ideas and collaboration suggestions
- Notes, suggestions and honest but gentle critique of your current feeds/presence and guidance for moving forward.
- A 6-week (suggested) content plan. 

So how does it all work?

On signing up, I send you a 2-page questionnaire which will give me a good idea of who you are, why you do what you do, where you are up to with your online presence and where you want to be.Before our first meeting, I will do a quick audit of your current social media feeds and your last two newsletters.

Then when we meet we will workshop where you are, where you want to be and how to get you there. Depending on your needs, we'll focus on photography or writing, or smartening up your blog or newsletter act. It's all highly personalised to your needs.  Following our first meeting I will send you a round up of what we discussed, my recommendations in point form and cheat sheet with resources and suggestions that should make an instant difference to your feeds/newsletters etc, a list of topics and content planning outline to get you off and running.

I will also send a goals worksheet and explainer so we can measure your successes going forward. 

One month later (or when it suits you), we have our follow up 1 hour session. Here’s where we chat about what has worked for you, what you would like to consider changing in the content plan and we look at your goals and metrics again.

If you would like to add on a further monthly mentoring check in option, this can be done at a cost of $100/month and includes a 30 minute session and a monthly review of your current content marketing by me with follow up email listing suggestions and ideas.